Selene at SayeBrook is committed to green living within a community setting. Understanding the paramount importance of sustainable practices, Selene at SayeBrook integrates eco-friendly initiatives seamlessly into its design and operations. From energy-efficient buildings to meticulously planned green spaces, residents at Selene at SayeBrook not only enjoy a vibrant and modern living environment but also actively contribute to a collective vision of a greener, more sustainable future.

Exterior rendering of Selene

Community Features

Selene at SayeBrook promotes a sustainable lifestyle through innovative eco-friendly features, including a water bottle refilling station to encourage residents to reduce single-use plastic consumption. Moreover, it proudly embraces a paper cup-free environment and operates as a paper-free community, leveraging digital assets for communication and documentation, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship and waste reduction.

Chef inspired kitchen

Home Features

Selene at SayeBrook embraces eco-friendly living with cutting-edge features, including EV charging stations that empower residents to effortlessly transition towards sustainable transportation. The commitment to energy efficiency continues indoors with Energy Star appliances, ensuring that every home is equipped with environmentally conscious technologies that reduce energy consumption and minimize the ecological impact.

Turtle swimming

Save the Turtles

Selene at SayeBrook proudly champions the cause of marine conservation with dedicated efforts to save sea turtles. Through collaborations with environmental organizations, the community engages in beach cleanups, supports turtle nesting programs, and raises awareness about responsible coastal living to ensure the protection and preservation of these magnificent creatures and their habitats. In support, we have made donations to and The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Marine Turtle Conservation Program.